Lost 1k gambling

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Lost 1k gambling simslots casino

After I'd made my money back, all I could think about was making more.

We can never have one bet again. I Know I'm being selfish but it's just how I feel at the moment. Can money be won in a casino? I've never been one for Casino's luckily. I've just signed up llst this site after advice from Katie on the live chat. Choose your own reboot.

i was £ better off from my loses and i just stopped gambling in March in the casino i started playing slot machines and lost £20 again. .. Otherwise I will be saying I've got 1k in my account but I should have k! Technically you lost dollers of your own money. .. As smart as I am in school, I suppose I never learn from gambling mistakes. I have had  What's the most money you ever lost gambling. I feel you m8, lost about euros in a last month betting, now getting back up step by step. even though I have lost some more money about a.

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